february 2000
andy and dustin
jay at lazos tacos
jay puking outside of 'the pride of lake county'
andy t. from vocational
kari being overly excited
lindsey looking down
andy wildey and jay
andy and jay, again

april 2000
frst week...
elgin ryan after we went out to IHOP drunk..
megan and jenny at the table, 8:00 am
joe contaldo, andrew of kill devil hills, and dustin (andrew finished the evil wine)
megan and bronco
kari is the fucking four hawk.
hawky again
kari again.
kari, tongue out
kari grabs her boobs
kari being happy.
kari: being cute

second week
amber hangs from a coathanger
kari is trapped!
kari is embarassed to be getting on the table in the snack bar...
...but now shes dancing..
andy in class
el jopa (joe)tells a story.
my pet monster and his counterpart, gwonk!
ryan d. in front of dustins house

third week:
dustin with a knife
dustin almost killed katie
todd and katie
todd spinning katie
peter and part of katies face
el jopa in his room

last week of april?
el jopa is not retarded, hes just an artist.
el jopa draws on ryans face
cool bike shot outside of las vegas.
todd eats at vegas. yes he does.

its a dead fly. you dont have to look.
either amber j. or andy took this of lindsey while i read hustler with kari.
another of lindsey i didnt take.
lindsrey yet again, unknown photographer again.

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