first week of september.
todd smiling.
todd and katie.
dustin and todd have a knife party.
dustin with chris' dog, mika.
really good picure of lindsey.
lindsey with cotton candy.
some cute girl i dont know.
the blue meanies billy spunke.
billy again.
billy blurred.

second week of september.
lindsey in the rain.
chad anderson from the strike.
joe mushugana.
craig anarchy from the mushuganas.
joe playing the role of a retard.
lindsey in the classroom.

third week of september
aww how pretty, a monarch.
sidekick kato.
sidekick kato, again.
marisa giving me my alkaline trio cd.
lindsey, jd, and dustin in chicago.
stop sign down the road.
joe, up close.

last week of september
jeff pezzatti of the bomb.
more of the bomb.
last picture of the bomb.
seth and his nipple.
jd likes to rock and roll. (with tyler and seth)
timmy the schlock.
joe and dustin after we boight thrill kill kult tickets.

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